Enhancing the Solar (eco)System

Dokdo is a centralized multi use-case platform with features to enhance the Solar Ecosystem.

Dokdo provides VerifyVASP and FATF compliant crypto-exchange and custodian wallet services, licensed in Lithuania.

Our Products

District 53

District 53 is a virtual desktop voxel based metaverse game. It has unique features utilizing the SXP blockchain with the Minetest codebase. Purchase virtual land. Hire contractors with building skills or use your skills to build your own dream land. Interact with other players and join them on missions and quests or prepare yourself for a war. Go underground and mine rare blocks to sell them on the market to other players. There is so much to-do in District 53. Imagination is the only limit!

Dokdo Exchange

(In Development)
Dokdo Exchange is a VerifyVASP and FATF compliant crypto-exchange primarily servicing the South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand regions.

Dokdo Motion

(In Development)
Dokdo Motion is a non-custodian cryptocurrency wallet service as well as banking and debit card system all in one mobile app.

Our Goal

Dokdo is aiming to become the first to be licensed and fully VASP compliant while offering unique features that enhance the Solar Ecosystem.


Trade your assets on the Dokdo Exchange. Stake your Dokdo tokens to receive discount on exchange and withdrawal fees.


Dokdo provides an easy for users to vote or stake on the SXP blockchain while being VASP compliant.


Purchase NFT's or virtual land on Opensea or the SXP NFT Marketplace and hold these assets securely in your Dokdo Wallet.

Multi-asset Support

Dokdo is a multi-asset wallet with support for other currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and more.


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